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This page allows searching for and downloading a specific education simulation model or a group of models, together with its description and users’ guide, if available. The models that are searchable and downloadable here are among those proposed and uploaded by agencies or countries.

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ESM Type
AnProANalysis and PROjection Model
ANPRO Viet Nam PREP Model (2005)ANPRO Viet Nam Provincial Education Planning Model (2005)
ANPRO Viet Nam VANPRO Model (2008)Viet Nam Provincial Analysis and Projection Model (2008)
Education Financial Simulation ModelEFSM
Egypt AnPro 2007Egypt ANalysis and PROjection Model (2007)
EPSSimEducation Policy and Strategy Simulation model
EPSSim AggregateEPSSim Simplified Version
EPSSim Nigeria, Kaduna StateEPSSim Kaduna
High Level Projections for Education - NAMIBIAHIPE - Namibia
IIEP Chad simulation modelsimulations at national level
IIEP Dominican Republic for the preparation of a 10 years plan
IIEP MauritaniaSimulation model for national planning
IIEP Models for education sector planningInternational Institute for Educational Planning
IIEP PADEF Agadir MoroccoPlanning at regional level

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